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Based in the unique island of Bali; in Magica we specialize in wholesale jewelry export to all corners of the world since 2006.

Thanks to our employees team and a friendly multicultural and dynamic working environment; we create a wide range of exclusive designs.

Magica service

“Every client is unique.” This is one of our principles.

The design, innovation, price and service sets us apart.

Therefore, we strive to meet the needs of each client, working side by side in the selection of stock and new creations; in order to increase the performance of your business wherever you are.

Magica products

The designer makes magic happen. During the development we put the utmost care.

Our employees specialize in manual processing of each piece, and make rotations to increase the freshness and initiative in getting new creations.

With this, and a great quality control, we get a product of high quality & low price as a result.

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Magica Jewelry

Magica Exclusive Designs

Magica presents a series of exclusive jewelry designs that come from the heart of Bali, the Island of the Gods; with a relaxed, loose and colorful proposal.

Our Jewelry transports you to an exotic world that surround you in an explosion of colors: Bali, a remote place to we would like to escape…to become part of that magic.

From the fascination with the exotic has emerged a new trend of ethnic jewelry, with threads and beads of colors…which merges with more sober styles, giving personality to any look.

Unique rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, barefoot and ankles; full of character and made with care under an avant-garde quality design. These are very special pieces that make our line of accessories a fresh and versatile option: only suitable for people with personality.

Accesories that stand out for their originality; Magica Jewelry is characterized by being bohemian and also very chic. It is about mixing the trendy with the old, the modern with the retro. We create a particular effect on each person who wears our jewels; achieving a great balance between the strong and the delicate.

Accessories with tribal reminiscences that embrace a nomadic lifestyle; to travel the world embracing the best of Bali culture in a colorful original fusion. Magica offers jewels that are difficult to pass unnoticed; because they defy every occasion and time, expressing their artistic side.

With Magica Jewelry, you will travel through landscapes, perspectives and watercolors, having nature as inspiration. It is the experience of playing with materials, which make you feel at liberty.

Boho Jewelry

Elegant accessories with a lot of personality, combined with unexpected and character garments.

The essence of this style is to adopt a relaxed and casual look; with comfort, creativity and freedom to wear what each one feels in each moment.

The free and bohemian spirit has conquered the world of fashion, also approaching the world of jewelry. The boho chic style is marked by the abundant use of jewelry. It is a trend that mixes different hippie, bohemian and ethnic elements.